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Run, DON’T Walk from Lorenzo Bomnin Chevrolet!

I Personally CAN NOT stress enough for you to stay away from this dishonest dealership!

I have purchased at least 8-10 vehicles directly off the Internet between the prices of $30,000-$75,000 in my lifetime. I usually only deal with car dealers because they will tell you the truth 99% of the time about their cars. They don’t want negative feedback that will hurt their Internet Sales and they are generally honest about the vehicles condition.

I found that LORENZO-BOMNIN Chevrolet is the exception to this rule. I dealt with 3 different people including initially the Internet Manager(*** Gabbart) at this dealership. I was told on the phone as well as in email that the vehicle I was inquiring about was, and I quote word for word from an email of the Internet Manager *** Gabbart:


This was in response to my email to him inquiring about the condition of the truck and I quote word for word from my email:

“I am in Austin Texas so a test ride is out of the question. My question is what is your best price on the truck? I am looking for one of these for my transportation company. Please let me know of any cosmetic problems or any other issues the truck has also.”

I explained on the phone to him (*** Gabbart – Internet Sales Manager) and to the salesman Pedro (Pedro llapur), that the vehicle has to be excellent shape because we use it to pick up and transport high profile clients, famous actors and entertainers, and business VIP’s and transport them to and from their venues.

They both assured me that they had personally seen the truck and that it was in excellent shape and that I would be very happy with it. Since I have done this many times before with no issues, I bought the truck. That was over 2 weeks ago. I had a car transporter pick up the truck and bring it here to me in Austin, Texas.

Now the Fun Starts with Lorenzo Bomnin Chevrolet

When the truck arrived it was VERY clear that it had been in at least one rear end accident. So much for excellent shape! Here is a description of what we found:

The rear bumper was scraped up and had white paint scratches and paint swirl cracks on it where the collision took place. The bumper piece on the left rear side is buckled and has a half inch gap where it is supposed to fit seamlessly with the sheet metal of the rear quarter panel. I am assuming the fasteners broke when it was wrecked and now the bumper has to be replaced.

The front bumper has 4-6 inch swirl paint cracks due to a collision of some sort with the front bumper and was probably worse…as you will see later.

There was a 3-4 inch dent in the rear lift gate door as well as other VERY noticeable dings and paint scratches.

There are MANY scrapes, scratches and dings in the paint on all 4 sides of the truck.

The passenger side mirror was actually barely holding on to the truck with two rusty DRYWALL screws. The mirror was only halfway on the truck. it has a large cracked hole in the plastic of the mirror! The hole is probably close 2 inches around, but according to *** and the GM ( I was told he is GM but could not confirm) Miguel Ranillo the truck is in great shape and cosmetically excellent.

The passenger side rear pillar (top back corner of truck) has a 2-3 inch square of paint chipped off. It will need to be replaced or totally repainted.

The font grill of the truck is cracked and broken through in multiple places and just sits in the front of the grill not actually snapped in. It is somewhat loose and would probably fall out if you drove down a reasonably bumpy road for any length of time.

The front passenger side headlight is not attached to the vehicle! It actually was just set in the opening and you can pull the headlight all the way out of the truck with your hand from the outside. The connection to the frame is actually snapped in half, which means the truck was obviously in a hard collision in the front as well as rear.

The auto extending floor boards on the side of the vehicle do not work at all, and one side was actually unplugged from it’s motor.

One of the fog lights is actually MISSING and has no mounting bracket for it to be replaced.

The paper work (car transporter vehicle pre-inspection report) that the car hauler filled out and that the dealership representative also signed to release the vehicle shows that all of these issues were there when the truck was picked up from the dealer.

When I received the truck, I was dumbfounded!

I immediately called *** Gabbart about it and left a message. I never got a call back after leaving multiple messages and staying on hold with the receptionist for approximately 20 minutes waiting for him to come back or pick up. I did not get a call back the next day either after leaving messages for *** Gabbart or Pedro llapur even though they knew why I was calling. We took pictures of all of the damage and emailed them to *** Gabbart, the Internet Sales Manager.

Still no call…

I finally got a call several days later from *** Gabbart and then Miguel Ranilla (I was told he was the GM) and that was only AFTER getting his name from the receptionist and calling him directly to complain. It then took 2 days for them to acknowledge receiving pictures of the damage to the truck. I then got the run around and no call backs for several days. I got no callbacks or responses from them until I let them know I own a highly successful Internet Marketing company, who knows how to generate a massive amount of negative publicity online and that I had also contacted the owner of the dealership directly on I did make contact and the owner accepted my request to connect with him on I immediately messaged Lorenzo Llerena twice , he is the Lorenzo in Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet, and never received a reply to my messages. I found that interesting because I was approved by him within 30 mins of making the connect request when he thought I was a happy customer. He obviously monitors his LinkedIn account but clearly wasn’t interested in making sure this was looked at or that his employees treated me fairly or operated with integrity.

Coincidentally, shortly thereafter I then got a call from the GM, Miguel Ranilla, who proceeded to try to explain to me that it was my own fault and that what his Internet Sales Manager (*** Gabbart) meant by “The Lincoln Navigator is super clean and there’s nothing wrong with it”, was that the interior and engine were in perfect shape, just not the exterior.

Quick side note: Even that’s curious because the CHECK ENGINE light was on when we got the truck!

After a short conversation with the general manager Miguel Ranilla about what *** Gabbart REALLY meant by “The Lincoln Navigator is super clean and there’s nothing wrong with it”, he then asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that I was a reasonable guy and that I had already gotten a bid to fix all of the issues that would be fairly cheap and that it was only going to cost $1,200. That was much cheaper than taking it to the dealer to fix all of these issues. He told me he would see what he could do and that he would call me back in 20-30 minutes that Friday afternoon.

Guess what happened next? Nothing…He never called.

I called him on the following Monday and still got no return call. When I emailed him explaining what my options were for getting my negative experience out en masse on the Internet, I got a quick call saying he had to talk with the owner of the dealership and that he would call me back that day for sure.

I explained that if I did not get the call and settle this issue that day that I was done trying to work it out and would take my cause to the Internet.

Needless to say, I got no phone call.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $5000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Bomnin Chevrolet and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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